April 25, 2011

Update beach cabin

Friday M-tje and I went with her family to Schiermonnikoog.
(a Wadden island)
We had a wonderful day there together.
M-tje  bought me a souvenir ....
a little boat to go with my beach cabin!
I found some big shells on the beach
and a nice plate (button) for all the little shells I already have.
My friend Pearl wanted to try the boat...
she's very excited about this new project of ours!!!

Saturday M-tjes has been working on my beach cabin again!

And I????
Well......I was doing something else

When M-tje was ready I went to see how the cabin looked!

I loved the painted floor!!!

The little pillow I have with me,
was a present by my friend Sjoukje!
Thanks Sjoukje, I love the little pillow...

The first layer of paint is on!!!!

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