April 23, 2011

A beach cabin for me!!!!

A few days ago M-tje asked me to look at something!!!!!!
Ooooooooh M-tje...
it's a 1:24 beach cabin!!!!
I wanted one so much!!!
The one I saw at your friend Sylvia was so lovely,
but a little bit too big for me...
but this one is just perfect!!!
Can I go in???

Euh....not yet sweet boy...
it doesn't have a door
But we can fix that!
Cooooooool!!! I love it M-tje!
And I will study all the pictures...
and then I will get you a list with all the things I want in it

That's okay sweet boy!

And euh...M-tje???


With a beach cabin....
there should be a beach...
so when the cabin is finished,
will I be able to walk with my bare feet in the sand??

Yes E-beertje...I will take care of that

Last thursday M-tje was working on my cabin again!
While she was working...
I was beach combing her workroom for things I could use in the cabin 

Hey M-tje.....look at what I found!
Do you think I can use it in my cabin???

Maybe it will come in handy E-beertje...
but please....be careful with it!!
But euh....
gio and have a look in your little house!!!
it is lovely!!!
My favorite color and with little hearts!!!
I love it M-tje!

Shall we put a wooden floor in M-tje...
I think it will look good in a beach cabin!

Good idea sweet boy...will you help me with the floor?

Of course M-tje!!!

Pffff...it is a lot of work!!!

Hey...what's that underneath your cabin??

Look M-tje...it's a seal!!!
Can I keep it??? Please????

Well...seals aren't really pets E-beertje...
but if you are really nice to him,
I'm sure he'll come and visit you regulary

Come..let's go work on the floor again!

We did a good job M-tje!!
The floor looks wonderful...
we just have to stain it!

Where does all that stuff come from E-beertje??

I found it in your workroom M-tje!!!
I assumed I could use them for my beach cabin....
can I???

Well..allright then silly bear...
because you're such a sweetie

Hugs, M-tje and E-beertje

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BiWuBär said...

We've seen your beachhouse on Margriet's blog before... you're such a lucky bear. But you deserve it... even your own private beach.

Happy easter to you and all your friends, E-beertje!
Flutterby + Birgit