April 17, 2011

Giant miniature bear

M-tje was tidying up a closet
and of course I was very curious
if she would find anything interesting

When she opened a box,
I saw something very familiar!!!
it looked like parts of a bear....but of a giant bear

M-tje told that the box was in the closet for at least 5 years!
She bought a bear pattern of a cute bear years ago!
She thought ut would be fun to try to make a bigger bear,
but suddenly she didn't want to finish him!!!
I looked at the parts and the only thing she had to sew where the ears!!!!
Pffffffffff...M-tje is a bit strange now and then...
Well...I asked her if she felt like finishing him now
and thankfully she did

Look at that sweet face!!!!
Yesterday she finished Wilbur

This morning I was looking for him,
but m-tje said he went in to the garden!
So I looked for him with the telescope M-tje made!

And I found him!!! 

I quickly climbed to him! 

It's nice to have a big friend like Wilbur...
you can hide and feel safe in his big and warm embrace  
Wilbur is 8,5 cm tall..
a real giant, so he can't live in my little house...
but M-tje already promised she will find him a nice place to live!!

Hugs, E-beertje


BiWuBär said...

Poor little Wilbur - for five years in a box nearly finished. Good you've found and rescued him, he's such a nice little bear. Yes, little bear, with 8,5 cm he's far from being giant. Me, I'm proud being 9 beary-cm tall, yessir!!! That's a giant! ;O)


Margriet said...

You sure are colossal Flutterby!!! LOL
I'm only 5 cm tall..so for me Wilbur is already huge!!!
Hugs, E-beertje

Maria Ireland said...

awww he is so cute i think he is happy to be out of that box lol

Freubs said...

What a nice friend have you now E-beertje. Take good care of him.

Jollie said...

Ach wat een schatje!!! Veel plezier met je nieuwe vriendje E-beertje :)

Liefs Jollie