February 12, 2011

Update cuddle room

(August 28, 2010)

Last tuesday and wednesday M-tje worked hard
on the in- and outside of my cuddle room.
She painted the outside the same blue as the rest of my house!
And on the inside she glued tissues on the walls and painted it.

Wow....it's already very nice M-tje!!!

The floor hasn't been done yet,
but I wanted to show you how the room looks now!

The house looks as if it always had so many floors...
don't you think???

And I wanted to show you my garden!
M-tje got a present from Jody...a sweet little bat!
I know that bats are nocturnal animals,
but this one regularly visits me in the daytime

The little dog with cowboyhat is Pablo.
He belongs to Mincka, but when we visited her some time ago,
Pablo jumped in M-tje's handbag
and now Pablo's is staying with me!
Max is enjoying the company.

Hugs, E-beertje


stil-blicke.blogspaot.com said...

Das Haus wird immer hübscher... und der Garten ist sogar schon nutzbar.... wunderschön.

Liebe Grüße PuNo/Monika

BiWuBär said...

M-tje made a perfect job (as always) - your cuddleroom fits perfect with the rest. But we think you'll need a bigger garden, don't you? ;O)

Flutterby + Birgit

Minnie Kitchen said...

this looks wonderful!! I love the wall plaster effect and the house is just fantastic!

Jollie said...

Wat mooi en vooral gezellig huis heb jij E-beertje!
Je mag inderdaad wel blij zijn met M-tje :)

(Nu ben ik nog blijer dat Aivie tv zit te kijken anders hoor ik de komende dagen niet anders dan zielig gezeur over waarom zij haar bed nog steeds op mijn boekenplank heeft staan! ;)