February 13, 2011

Cuddle room progresses

(August 28, 2010)

I'm a very lucky bear with a friend like M-tje!
She made me a whole new floor for my house!
I really wanted a cuddleroom...where I can relax with my friends!
And this way we have a bit more room too,
because there are still more friends coming to live with me!
I love having so much roommates...
but it's also nice to have a bit more room for everyone

Earlier this week M-tje finished the in- and outside of the cuddleroom.
And yesterday we put the floor in!
Wow....so many planks!

Yes sweet boy and I think we will need them all!!!
If you give the planks to me one by one,
then I will glue them down!
I don't want you to get glue in your fur! 
It's looking good already M-tje!

Pffff...but it's a lot of work!
I'm glad you're helping me E-beertje,
this way it's going a lot quicker
and it's much more fun

In the evening we finished the floor
and today M-tje worked some more on the room!
She is soooooo sweet!

Wow M-tje, what a beautiful cupboard!!!
I can put a lot of supplies in there!

You could put your pots with honey
and bottles of water in there E-beertje!

That's a wonderful idea M-tje,
but euh................

What's up sweet boy?

I don't really like this cupboard in my cuddleroom

Don't worry silly bear, I'm not finished yet!
It will be okay, I promise!!!

Now and then something had to dry before M-tje could continue,
but instead of taking a break,
she started with another part of the room! 
Will this be the fireplace M-tje???

Yes E-beertje, I'm glueing tissues on it
and after that I can paint it just like the walls in your house!
That way it will get a nice structure to it!

But E-beertje....
come take a look in your cuddleroom... 
Huh....a door?
Oh, what a nice doorknob!

It's the yin-yang symbol,
I will tell you about it some other time!
Let's open that door!!!

Oooooh, the cupboard is in there!!!

It's a pantry E-beertje...you can put all your supplies there.
And it's the way to the rest of your house and the staircase!

Hmm...this way it looks a bit like a darkroom M-tje (inside joke)

Hahahahahahaha, silly bear!!!
It was the only light I had...
but I will replace it with a stronger one!

I love it M-tje!
Thank you so much

It isn't finished yet E-beertje!
Tomorrow I will put the fireplace in
and then I will have to make a stove
and I still have to make furniture!!

Well...I'm already very pleased with it....it is lovely!!!!

Hugs, E-beertje

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