February 14, 2011

A woodstove

(August 29, 2010)

The cuddleroom can be heated too!!!

And the pantry has a better light now!
Now I can see what I'm doing there  

The little cabinet was made by M-tje some time ago for another project,
but I can borrow it for a while she said!

And with this light you can see the door in the back wall!

BTW...did I tell you that almost all the furniture, doors, etc. is made of cardboard??

Hugs, E-beertje


BiWuBär said...

What a progress, we think it's important to have it warm and cozy in a cuddle room.

Flutterby + Birgit

Peikko said...

Great progress! And of course it is necessary to have a heater in the room. I like the way you put the other door inside the pantry. Can't wait to see more :)
Happy Valentine's Day to every one!