February 12, 2011

A double surprise

(August 15, 2010)

Yesterday M-tje found a wonderful surprise in the mailbox!
Freubs send her a birthdaypresent....
M-tje's birthday is august 17th,
but because she isn't celebrating her birthday,
she reckoned she could open the presents immediately

There was a package for me too!!!
Another serie of books with my adventures!!!
And Freubs made them for me in 1:24th scale
And a beautiful lips sofa!!!
Klaasje already is relaxing on the sofa
with the book about the competition in wich M-tje won Klaasje!
She loves it seeing herself in the book!

The piece of cardboard was also a gift,
now M-tje can make more furniture for me

Thank you Freubs, we love it all!!!

Freubs...when I placed them in my bookcase...
it was full!!!
So i took them out of the boxes,
now they all fit and there is room for some more

There was another surprise in the mailbox...
M-tje was expecting it,
but I didn't, so it was a surprise for me.....
and a very good one!!

There was another harem girl on Nella's site
and Alake told M-tje it was her friend Kiana!
Well...what could M-tje do???
Mail Nella of course  
Kiana was still available and yesterday she came here!
I totally dig this.....
2 haremgirls living in my cuddleroom!!!

Hugs, E-beertje


BiWuBär said...

We love the books with your adventures - it's so nice from your friend. We still believe you should print that in 1:1... ;O)

But E-Beertje, if this keeps going on, I really fear Flutterby has to say goodbye to your blog - 2 bought Haremgirls and a lip sofa!!! That's a little bit too much for little innocent bears (ähöm... buahahaaaa...LOL)

Until next time
Flutterby + Birgit

Margriet said...

I'm so sorry Birgit, but E-beertje is a bit naughty ;-)
But he's still very innocent too, he only loves to cuddle!!!
And are you sure Flutterby is that innocent??
I wonder hahahahahaha

Jollie said...

Ik zie wel dat ik een heleboel gemist heb in die paar dagen dat ik afwezig ben geweest...
Een harem?? Lees ik dat goed??
Ja ja een heel onschuldig beertje, kijk maar uit met dat geknuffel...
Ik ben blij dat Aivie tv zit te kijken nu hoor ;)

Liefs Jollie