February 11, 2011

Summer holiday

(August 14, 2010)

We're back from a wonderful summer holiday to France!
At first I was not sure if I would go with m-tje and her family,
but I was a bit curious about France....
last time i was there it was a wonderful experience!!
And when Klaasje said she would go anyway,
I knew I would go too....
couldn't let that little one go alone...could I?

The first week we went to the Champagne-area!
We stayed at a campsite next to the lake Lac d'Orient,
near Troyes.
Of course Klaasje and I went to the beach!

And we took a ride on the dolphin.
We still can't swim, so M-tje was real careful!
We stayed on the beach the whole time!

But we didn't only get a tan!!!
We also went to an museum.
At Troyes we visited an old apothecary
and we saw this miniature one there too!

And we saw this statue of a lady!
Do you know how she was called???
The holy M-tje!!!
Yes...it's really true!!!
Well, the card was in French, but it was almost the same name!
My M-tje looks a lot prettier

Jasmijn cared for us very good!
Every night she tucked us in!
We could sleep on her soft pyjama
and her prettiest dress was our blanket!
Isn't that sweet?

After a week we moved on to the Loire valley!
We found a campsite at Muides-sur Loire, near Blois!
The weather was wonderful over there
and we had the most relaxed holiday!
There is so mucht to do in this area...
you almost trip over the château's

Our first trip was to Amboise where we visited the house of Leonardo da Vinci!
What a clever man!!!
He made the most wonderful inventions!
This helicopter is one of them!

After a nice walk through the garden and the castle,
we took a rest at this little waterfall in Leonardo's garden!

Another day we took a picknick in the forest!

And we visited this wonderful castle Château Chambord!

You could walk on the roof and look at all those little towers!
I found a really good spot to take pictures....
can you see me???

They had the most beautiful drainpipes!!!

After the visit we really deserved an icecream (it was so hot there!).
The icecream was so heavy, M-tje couldn't help shaking a bit,
so the photo is a bit vague
Pistache and coffee....mmm

Another day we visited Blois!
On the way over there we went to see the river the Loire!

M-tje is taking pictures of Klaasje and me

In Blois we searched for a letterbox and found it
First we had to find an amethystfountain...soooooo pretty!!!

We found 2 stamps and 2 little books in the letterbox!

M-tje made 2 friends for us when we were on holiday!
L-beertje (for Jasmijn) and J-beertje (for Jasper).

We went to another castle....château Cheverny!
This was another beautiful château........
this castle was the inspiration for the home of captain Haddock,
Marlinspike Hall, known from the stories about Tintin.

Jasper and Jasmijn enjoyed taking pictures of us too...

This was a small impression of our wonderful simmer holiday in France!!!


BiWuBär said...

Well, we're a little bit jealous around here - on holiday to France... again. Lucky little bear - but we have to admit it, you deserve it, and of course M-tje and her family, too... ;O) Lovely foto-story, and most interesting the information on Cheverny, Birgit is a big cartoon-fan and she loves Tintin.

Flutterby + Birgit

P.S.: We're missing the pics you took while sitting on that good spot... LOL

Margriet said...

Oh......that's true Flutterby!!! But I lost my camera when we we're in France :-(
M-tje bought me a new camera just a few weeks ago! So next time there will be pictures from me too ;-)