February 09, 2011

New friends for E-beertje

(July 15, 2010)

A few days ago, M-tje was looking on Nella's site
where you can see wich knitted dolls are for sale.
I accidentally was watching too
and I was getting soooooo excited!!!

M-tje, M-tje, may I choose a new friend please???

Pfff, sweet boy...I just send 3 friends of you away,
I don't think we should buy a new one!

But M-tje.....

NO E-beertje

But that evening M-tje got the idea to build me a cuddle room
and ofcourse then there would be plenty of room for new friends,
so she told me I could choose a new friend!
I was sooooo happy!!!

It took me hours to make a choice!
Eventually I had to choose between 2 beautiful girls,
but I just didn't know wich one I liked the best!
But M-tje is a real sweetie,
so she said I could have both girls!!
And today they came!!!!

Yes!!!!!!!!!!! This envelop is a Nella-delivery!!! Open it, open it!!!

Klaasje: "Oh E-beertje, I smell something very nice!!!"

Ooooh, that's not nice...Nella handcuffed them
How could she??
I'm going to cut them free!

Klaasje: "It's the girls....they smell so nice!
Did I smell as nice when I got here E-beertje?"

You still smell wonderful Klaasje,
that's why I love hugging you

What's your name beautiful girl???
Do you want to live in my harem....

The girl with the yellow hair is called Daisy
and the harem girl is called Alake!
I think they are gorgeous!!!


BiWuBär said...

Boy - you shop for girls???!!! E-beertje, we're shocked, you're getting yourself a harem... (ROFL)

Grinning greetings
Flutterby + Birgit

Margriet said...

Oh...do you think it's illegal Flutterby???? Maybe I shouldn't blog about buying girls again LOL

Unknown said...

Prachtige meiden...maar uh E-beertje doe je wel een beetje voorzichtig met het kroelen...daar kunnen nog meer nieuwe huisbewoners van komen,haha!