February 07, 2011

E-beertje's cuddle room

(July 14, 2010)

What a surprise!!!
This afternoon M-tje enthousiastic started working with wood and a saw
and she build me an extra floor for my house!
Yesterday she got the idea to build me a cuddle room....
because I loooooove to cuddle
and because there are so many friends living with me...
we need more room!!!

Of course I kept an eye on how M-tje was doing! 

M-tje, the ceiling doesn't fit very good...

Pfffff...I know sweet boy,
but I'm doing everything with hand tools!
You should be glad they are small gaps and not big holes.
But I'll fix it later...
I'm good at fixing things like that!

Hmmmm, that's a nice spot for a window.......M-TJE!!!!!!
I want a window here,
you can make the hole!


Look E-beertje...
I found this window in a drawer...
do you like it?

Yes....it's nice....
but put it high in the wall,
I want some privacy in my cuddle room!

Hey....where did you find that pillow???

Isn't it wonderful M-tje???
It's so soft and in the shape of a heart!
A real cuddle bed!
I found it hanging on your heart...
well, not your real heart of course,
but that metal one you have hanging on the wall!

I've never seen that heart before!
Ooooooh, I know already!
It can only have been one person!
My brother was here last weekend....
he must have been the one!
Well.....you have your first piece of furniture for your cuddle room

Klaasje: Yippieeeeee, here I come E-beertje!!!
I'm glad lunch was some time ago!!!
Silly Klaasje!
And this is how it looks with the cuddle room under my house!
Of course a few friends came to look to the room!
And they loved it!!!
And I'm so glad M-tje is making a new room for me!!!


BiWuBär said...

This is quite a luxury thing, having a special cuddle room - but a sweet bear like you with so many friends surely needs something so special because you're special, too... But we hope you don't put on those red lights, do you? You know, Flutterby is far from being 18... LOL.

Flutterby + Birgit

Margriet said...

Birgit don't worry.....E-beertje will celebrate his second birthday in March....so I think it will be okay ;-)

Unknown said...

Er kunnen best wel nog een paar verdiepingen bij....haha! Ben benieuwd...wil ook wel een knuffel kamer!

Knuf, sab