February 19, 2011


(December 4, 2010)

Yesterday evening was the night of the "Sinterklaas"-chat
and the night we could open our presents!!!
There weren't very much participants to the "Sinterklaas"-swap,
only 24 + 1 bear,
so the chat wasn't very busy also, but it was great fun!
At 6 pm, E-beertje was ready for the party!!!
And at 7 pm he was the second to open his presents

But first the poem!!!
It almost immpossible to translate the poem in english,
so I will try to give you an idea of what it said!

Spain november 6, 2010

Dear E-beertje

Oh, this "hulpsint" was so happy
when she saw that her presents were meant te bo be for you this year.
The "Sint"-swap is every year a pleasure
but if you know the one who gets the presents
you just try a little bit extra ;-)
And ofcourse everyone of us knows you very well
because sweet Margriet makes sure we do.

Stuff for your cuddleroom said your list
but be honest, you aren't a girl are you?
Are you becoming a "softie", even though you are soft already.
So to prevent that, Sint thought of something
The first present you may open is something for a real tough manly bear.
You watch and see...you'll be a tough guy in traffic!

And then.......E-beertje opened the present and it was...
a real motorbike!!!!! 
With a helmet...luckily!!!

Ooooh M-tje, look!!!!!
A motorbike!!!
I want to try it!!! 
Wow...I'm one little tough bear!!!!

Now I understand why I had to measure the size of my head
It is sooooooo cool!!!

Then we had to read some more of the poem!

But "Sint" didn't want to forget Margriet,
even though she didn't participate in the swap
and that's why she may open the second present!
"Sint" knows she loves witchy miniatures
so she surely will enjoy the next present.

Then I could open a present and in it was a beautiful..... 
I think it is dragonleather!
And I saw something like this before...
but where???
Well...let's read the poem!

The third present, that you may open
is to still your hunger and is something that all bears want!

It was almost impossible to get E-beertje away from the motorbike,
but finally I succeeded
And his second present was... 
An acorn cap filled with honey!!!

Oh, look M-tje, how wonderful!
and it has an lid too!!!
So pretty and also delicious ofcourse
Let's read a bit more...

Present number 4 is for Margriet again
Be sure she sees these in the dark also!!!

More for me....what fun!!! 
Mushrooms and a wonderful ghostbottle!!
And then I knew...this had to been made by Marieke..
the mushrooms gave it away
it is wonderful Marieke, i'm so happy with the presents!
And they glow in the dark!!!
Do you know what E-beertje said???
"that would come handy for in my darkroom...euh..cuddleroom "

But it wasn't finished yet!!

And finally then something for in your cuddleroom.
You're allowed to pinch it, it isn't a dream ;-)
Dear E-beertje you deserve this all every bit
and I'm so glad I was your swap-"Sint".

Well...the last present really knocked me off my feet!!
And E-beertje was sooooo surprised!!!
But I will first tell you some background information!!!
A while ago I was looking for a good english translation for the word knuffelkussen...
because I'm translating E-beertje's stories in English (on this blog LOL).
I found the translation "hug pillow" and a nice photo...
(This is not a miniature!!!)
I never had seen anything like it before, so I posted about it on my personal weblog www.margrietvdzee.punt.nl
and I think Marieke took a peek there because this was the fifth present!!!
I think it's sooooo cool!!!
 E-beertje tried it immediately and he says it's wonderful to ly on

A picture of all the presents together.... 
On the envelop was a heart stone...that will get a place in the cuddleroom!
And the chimneysweep is turned into a broom!

Marieke.thank you so much..
this is the most wonderful swap I have ever received
and that's because you went to so much trouble to make it a very personal one!
I love it!!

Dear Marieke, also a big thank you from me....
I'm in love with my motorbike...
you know what a real man wants
And the hug pillow is wonderful!!
the honey is already gone...but my bees will fill the beautiful jar again!
I'm happy that you were my swap-"Sint"

Big hug, E-beertje


BiWuBär said...

Now you're b-bear... biker-bear! Born to be wild, dude!!! You two received the most wonderful gifts.

Flutterby + Birgit

Margriet said...

hahahaha, it sounds great, Birgit and Flutterby....Biker Bear LOL

Jollie said...

Wat gaaf die motor en voor het geval dat... ook nog een hele veilige helm!
Leuke kadootjes!! :)

Liefs Jollie