February 21, 2011

The secret project

(December 11, 2010)

Finally it was time we could reveal the secret project E-beertje and I worked on!
Today we went to the Kladblog meeting day
and there we would give the present to one lucky little girl!!!

it all started with a piece of fabric....

Well......actually it started with mushrooms....

My friend Jolande (J-tje) who lives in Belgium,
never sees these mushrooms in the forest she lives next to
or anywhere else!
So for years I've been teasing her with pictures of these wonderful mushrooms
....I see them everywhere....
even nearby my home they grow abundantly

In september I visited my friend Kootje and we went to a quiltshop!
I found fabric with these mushrooms on it,
so I bought it as a present for J-tje

But after a while I got the idea to make a bed for Spinnie!
I could use the fabric as the bedspread!!
And one thing led to another...
and finally we made a whole bedroom for Spinnie!

Spinnie is a knitted doll from Nella,
she lives with J-tje and she runs Kladblog (with a little help of J-tje)

She does have an office,
but she always was a bit jealous of E-beertje's lovely house.
But if we would give her a bedroom...
she wouldn't have to be jealous again.
If she was tired of working in the office,
she could relax in her own little bedroom!

Of course E-beertje wanted to help me...
he thinks Spinnie is very sweet

We started with the bed!
E-beertje is very good in measuring and drawing!

ofcourse there had to be mushrooms on the bed!
Nice job for E-beertje!

A little spider checked out the bed....
but later on it moved to the wall!

With the bed, there had to be a nightstand!

A nice fabric for the matress!
We think Spinnie will love this one!
(her name means something like "little spider")

But then we got the idea to make a bedroom....
so we made the walls and floor of mdf....
E-beertje wanted a window...
I made it myself and I'm pretty proud

Found a funny fabric for the curtains!!!

And finally...after hours of work..
(we had a hard time quiting this fun project)
it was done!

What do you think......
will Spinnie like it???

We made a little present for the others that would come to the Kladblog meeting day...
A little heart for everyone!
The heart E-beertje is holding, is......
for Spinnie!!

J-tje and Spinnie were so surprised when we gave them our present!
Spinnie loved her new room!
And E-beertje and Spinnie spend the whole day in her bedroom talking!!!


miniacollection said...

The bed is wonderful with the mushrooms and I love the bedroom.

Jollie said...

Oh wat een prachtige slaapkamer!!
Zo leuk bedacht met de paddestoelen, mooi raam heb je gemaakt hoor :)
En die hartjes voor iedereen... zoooo lief!!! :)

Liefs Jollie

BiWuBär said...

What a lovely gift - you two did a wonderful job... ;O)

Flutterby + Birgit