February 20, 2011

A little bit of privacy please!!!!

(December 8, 2010)


What's wrong E-beertje???

Give me some privacy...please!!!
I'm making a  here!!

Pffffffffff, I just wanted to show them the wonderful little toilets you can buy at Xenos!
And with you on it, they can see the size of it!

I still have to flush!!!

Ooooh...pfff...I can tell...euh...smell....
a bit of toilet freshener would be a good idea,
you little stinker


Something else!!!
We are ready for the Kladblog meeting day!
Look...the secret project is nicely wrapped!!! 
I'm looking forward to revealing it!!!!

Big hug, E-beertje en M-tje

1 comment:

Jollie said...

Ben blij dat die geur niet door het internet verspreid wordt!!! hi hi ;)

Liefs Jollie