February 27, 2011


(December 19, 2010)

Today I made the 1:24 clematis kit I purchased for E-beertje's garden!
Of course E-beertje came to see how it looks! 
It's beautiful M-tje!
I like the fact that it's nice and warm her in my garden,
while there is snow in yours M-tje  
Shall I help you put the furniture back???
I love my garden!!
Do you know where the butterflies Hanny gave me have gone???
I'm sure they would love to live here now the clematis is blooming!

Oh dear...where did I put them
Hmm....I'll see you later...
I have to go and search for butterflies


BiWuBär said...

Your garden looks lovely - but you have still space for additional flowers. And of course a second clematis on the right side of the bench would look great... or perhaps some roses. You should have a word with M-tje... ;O)

Flutterby + Birgit

Gonda said...

E-beertje wat heb je al een mooi tuintje, ik krijg er lente kriebels van,prachtige clematis!

Jollie said...

Wat een prachtig tuintje :) daar kan je lekker van genieten ook al is het slecht weer!

Liefs Aivie & Jollie