March 21, 2011

It's my birthday!!!


M-tje made me the same cake as last year,
because I liked it so much and because it's delicious

Today is my second birthday! time flies!!!

I'm celebrating my birthday not as outrageous as my first B-day...
when you are a bit older, it's not as important
But I do want to show you a few gifts I go this morning!!!

On Saterday an envelop arrived, but M-tje didn't want to give it to me!
She hid it and only this morning was I allowed to open it!
It was a card from Nella!!! 
Oooooooh, so sweet!!!
A little pink mouse!
I got him out of the bag quickly
and gave him a big hug!
His name is......Eliomys!

Jasmijn, the daughter of M-tje made me a paper breakfast...
I was glad I wasn't that hungry...
but it is very sweet of her!!!

And M-tje had a wonderful present for me too!!!! 
The card in the background is the one from Nella!
Isn't it nice....
It really feels like my birthday today!

Ooooooooooooooooooooooh, M-tje!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a mini-M-tje
She's sooooooo beautiful!!!!
Thabk you M-tje....
this way you're always with me,
even when you're not around

This afternoon, more presents arrived!!!
All the way from Greece!

A friend of M-tje, Jollie,
has send me a package with a whole lot of presents. 
I love the blue whale..and the spiral with the bead..and the bear...and the bee-mobile..
and the memory-game....and the ladybug box with file folders (?)..
and of course the card with Winnie the Pooh

Thank you for the wonderful presents ladies!!!!

Love, E-beertje


bumblebee said...

Hartelijk gefeliciteerd E-beertje, was de taart lekker?! ;)

Gr. Eef

miniacollection said...

Happy Birthday E-beertje!

Jollie said...

Heel hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je 2e verjaardag E-Beertje!! Geniet maar lekker van je al je kadootjes en de lekkere taart! :)

Liefs Jollie & Aivie

klara said...

Van harte gefeliciteerd Ebeertje.

M Carmen Casanova said...

Feliz cumpleaños!!!!!!

Jollie said...

Graag gedaan E-Beertje, veel plezier met alle kadootjes die je van iedereen hebt gekregen! :)

Liefs Jollie en Aivie