February 04, 2011

Klaasje Rijstekorrel

(June 14, 2010)

Today we found a very nice present in the mail...
the little hare M-tje won last friday!
M-tje guessed her name.....Rijstekorrel (grain of rice),
but M-tje thought the name Klaasje was more fitting,
so now her full name is Klaasje Rijstekorrel!

She is really cute and of course I was the first to greet her

But this time I'm not in love!!
I just want to cherish her!!!
Just look how tiny and cute she is!!! 
A sweetie like her you just want to cuddle, cuddle and cuddle some more!

When we stopped hugging,
we sat in my garden and talked! 
I think Klaasje feels at home already.

Nella, thank you for this cutie,
M-tje loves her and I do too!!!!!


Minnie Kitchen said...

hahaha so cute! brings a smile to my face!

Jollie said...

Wat een schattig vriendinnetje heb je van Nella gekregen! :)