February 05, 2011

Swimming adventure

(July 10, 2010)


Yes E-beertje, what is it???

Z-beertje and I are so hot and we keep seeing the swimmingpool outside in the garden.
Do you think we can use the swimming pool too??

But you can't swim sweet boy!!


Wait...I have an idea!

Can Klaasje come too M-tje?
She still wants to stay close to me

Of course sweet bear...
but take good care of her,
she's such a little one!

Yippieeeeeee, this is a wonderful idea M-tje!!!
Now we don't have to swim
and it is nice and cool being on the water!
And I loooooove ducks

Euh..E-beertje...please keep an eye on Klaasje!
She's lying there very dangerously!

Ah..it's okay M-tje...
what in the world could happen to us here!
(imagine you hear the tune of Jaws )

Klaasje:   Ooooh E-beertje...there are really big fish swimming here!

(I was so startled, I couldn't get a good shot)

One mouthful.... 

Of course E-beertje jumped right after her,
but I didn't think that was such a good idea, so I fished him out!

And thank God...Klaasje wasn't in any danger!!! 
The shark was only very curious
about that little orange creature he saw floating in the pool.
He put her on his back real quick
and brought her back to the duckboat,
so E-beertje could lift her off the shark's back. 

E-beertje thanked the shark for rescuing Klaasje.

And after this great adventure,
E-beertje, Z-beertje and Klaasje went to ly in the sun,
tired of all the excitement. 
And E-beertje and Klaasje had to dry up 
Hugs from E-beertje, Z-beertje, Klaasje and M-tje


BiWuBär said...

Visiting E-Beertje and you always gives us a good time and a good laugh. This swimming adventure was an absolute highlight... we still can hear the music from "Jaws". We are so happy that all turned out well... ;O)

Flutterby + Birgit

Margriet said...

I'm glad you're enjoying E-beertje's little stories so much :-)
This is one of my favorite stories too ;-)

Jollie said...

Jullie hebben maar weer geluk gehad, dat het een vergetarische shark is geweest, anders had het wel eens heel akelig af kunnen lopen!!

Liefs Jollie en een knuffel van Aivie
(Ha ha ha die duck boot is echt gaaf zeg!)