January 31, 2011

Octeville-sur-Mer day 8

(May 8, 2010)

This morning the alarmclock went at 7 o'clock!
M-tje and her family had to tidy up the house before the owners would come at 9 o'clock!
My suitcase was quickly packed,
so I went outside for a while,
it was a beautiful day!!!!

I met a French bumbelbee....
luckily I picked up some French last week,
so with a bit of effort we could understand eachother!
I like bumblebees...they are sweet!!!

Then I enjoyed the sun for a little while... 
But I was soon bored!

I made 2 more pictures of the house...
do you see what a nice weather it was??? 

It took quite a while for the owners to arrive,
so I enjoyed myself on the swing!

And I climbed a tree! 
The blossoms smelled wonderful!!! 

And then it was time to go!!!
It was a long trip home,
we got home at 5 o'clock in the afternoon!
The first thing I did was hugging Z-beertje and my other friends
and now Z-beertje and I are catching up on all that has happened!!!

It's really nice to be back home again!!!

Hugs, E-beertje


BiWuBär said...

Coming home after such a lovely holiday is wonderful, isn't it. We're sure Z-beertje was glad you came back safe and sound and enjoyed listening to your French adventures...

Flutterby + Birgit

Unknown said...

Welkom thuis M-tje enE-beertje....zo tezien hebben jullie een geweldige vakantie gehad!

Prachtige streek is het daar, wij zijn daar ook al wat keertjes geweest.Zou er zo weer heen willen,hihi!


Jollie said...

Jeetje naast die hommel kan ik pas goed zien hoe schattig klein je bent e-beertje ;) leuk om even te kletsen met een hommel :) maar ik kan me voorstellen dat je blij bent om je vriendjes thuis weer te zien!
Prachtige foto's!!!!!

Liefs, Jollie