January 30, 2011

Octeville-sur-Mer day 7

(May 7, 2010)

We had a lot of plans for today,
but it took a long time before we were ready to go!
So we decided to look for something to do not too far away

We went to Honfleur....a nice old town at the coast!
First we took a walk...... 
through old streets.... 
with nice glimpses of old buildings.. 
we walked by the harbor... 
and looked at the nice shops... 
where you could buy lots of nice things!

But we had a goal!!!!!
We walked outside the town
and took a tortuous path up a hill!!!
You can see the Pont de Normandie behind me.
And the town below is Honfleur.

First we ate a piece of baguette.
And then.... 
we found the letterbox that was hidden on top of the hill!!!!
Don't you know what a letterbox is??
On Wikipedia you can find all the information!

In the letterbox we found a self-made stamp and a little book...

Everyone helped....

In the book, we signed our names
and stamped our own stamp!

And in our Letterboxingbook, we stamped their stamp!
After that, we hid the letterbox again
and walked down to Honfleur.

It was a very nice walk to find the letterbox,
here you can see a bit how crooked the path was

Back in Honfleur, M-tje bought this souvenir,
a tin with cookies! 

And then we rode back home, across the bridge! 

Our holiday is almost over
Tonight we're going to pack and then one more night...
I am glad we're going back home to Z-beertje and all my other friends,
but I'm a little bit sad too!
I hope we can come back here sometime!!!

Hugs, E-beertje


Jollie said...

Hele inspirerende foto's... van dat dorpje vooral ;)
Wat gaaf dat jullie zo'n letterbox hebben gevonden, ik had er nog nooit van gehoord... leuk idee :)

Liefs, Jollie

BiWuBär said...

At first we thought: Why did they leave that beautiful village to climb on that hill - but now we know. We've never heard of letterboxes, that's really interesting. Thank you for this wonderful post.

Flutterby + Birgit