January 09, 2011

A new fence

(March 1, 2010)

Pffff, that wasn't easy!!!
The little bear wasn't easily pleased with his garden!
the color of the wall still wasn't what he wanted,
only after the 4th color (that I had to apply 2 layers!!!) his royalness was happy
It's now a kind of blueish green...or greenish blue!
Then the fence!!!
Too much wood...looked like a garagedoor...too white...not nice, etc,etc.

Finally I gave up and let him do it himself!
And now he has a fence he's happy with!
Pfff//you would think with 2 young kids,
I would now how to deal with such a headstrong bear???
But apparently I still have much to learn  

Just let me go my own way, M-tje..
I know exactly how I want it!!!
Such a thin wooden beam helps to get the planks evenly spaced!
Hmm, I'm quite a smart bear...even if I have to say it myself 

Well M-tje...what do you think?

If you like it....then I like it too, silly bear
And what about the fence, do you now what color you want it?

I would like it to stay this color M-tje!
Do you have the right stain for it?

What about this one sweet boy....Danish Beech!
A warm and light color!

Okay, let's try that one!

It looks wonderful E-beertje!!!
I see you placed a birdhouse on the fence already!
But euh....what's that you're dragging in???

That's a tree M-tje

Hey look!!!
There are birds in my garden.
2 great tits on the fence and a robin on the window!

Euh....are you being careful E-beertje???
Euh....M-tje......could you help me down please......I'm afraid

Silly bear

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BiWuBär said...

We wonder if the fire brigade ever helped a bear out of a tree - they're experieced with kittens, but bears?

E-beertjes stories are always worth a smile and a laugh!
Flutterby + Birgit