January 15, 2011

E-beertje wants a garden bench

(March 4, 2010)

Yesterday, A little bear called me....
and it sounded rather compelling!


Hey lazy bear, are you enjoying the sunshine?
Huh...what's that you have on your nose?

Sunglasses M-tje!!!
I'm soooo cool

pfff, I know they are called sunglasses E-beertje...
just didn't know you had them!
Yes, you're a very cool bear
But why did you call me?
You seem to have it all...
lying in the sun, company from Max, a refreshment!
What else do you want?

I want a garden bench M-tje!!!!
This tree is okay for a while,
but my buttocks start to hurt!
So euh...could you make me a bench?

Well...I could............
but sweet bear, I really have to clean the windows,
we can't even see the spring coming, so dirty are they!
And after that, I want to do some more chores in my house!
So i won't have any time today to make you a bench!
Maybe later this week, okay?

Hmm, but I want one NOW!

Then you have to make it yourself, you lazy bear

You go and clean your windows M-tje...
I have an idea!!!

So I went to work!
I had no idea what E-beertje was up to,
but an hour later I suddenly heard a strange noise!
I sounded like there was a car coming into our garden!!!!
It really was a car and I heard a car horn!
So I wnet outside and this is what I saw....
ooooooh, E-beertje!!!
I didn't know you could drive a truck (or any other car BTW!)
Did everything go allright???
And where have you been??????

M-tje...it's just a toytruck, they aren't hard to drive at all!!!
I wasn't in the mood to make a bench myself,
so I went to the thrift store to see if they had something suitable!
And look what I found!!!

I love it!!
It's perfect for my garden, don't you think?

Yes, it is very nice...
but also a bit dirty!
Maybe you should clean it first???

Nooooo M-tje...I don't have to eat from it, do I???
Garden furniture has to be a bit dirty,
becuase they always stand outside!
I'm going to put it in my garden now!

Yes, that's the perfect place!
M-tje, do you like the tree in that spot?

Yes E-beertje, I already saw that you replanted the tree,
it looks great there!
Well done
And the bench looks perfect against the fence!

Yes...now all I have to do is get some stuff!

You go and do your chores M-tje!!
I'm very comfortable here with my book!
I'm taking another " negerzoen" (chocolate-coated marshmallow)...
let's see..where was I...mmm...nice and warm in the sun...

Oh...I think E-beertje has fallen asleep

Now I can show you something!
It's such a " coincidence"  
I have almost the same garden bench in 1:12th scale.
I thought it would be fun to show you the difference in scale!

Mini-hugs, E-beertje and M-tje


BiWuBär said...

This is so unbelievable cute - and funny, too. That picture with E-beertje in the truck is our favourite - sure worth a good laugh!

Have a great weekend!
Flutterby + Birgit

miniacollection said...

I love the photo of e-beertje on the bench. He looks so comfortable and the I like the scenery you created.