January 09, 2011

E-beertje's garden

(February 27th, 2010)

I was reading on my computer when suddenly I felt a little paw on my sleeve...

M-tje....could you spare me a minute?

Of course E-beertje!
I always have time for you!
What's up?

Could you help me today to fix up my garden?
My workroom is cozy already,
but the garden is still very bare and white!

Sure...I would love to help you!
I've been a bit preoccupied with my art-journals lately,
I might have neglected you slightly  
But euh....before we begin,
go and take a look in your garden!
I believe you have another stray in there!

Oooooh, look M-tje...a little puppy!
Can I keep him? 
Hahahahahaha, that's okay sweet boy!
If you think you can find a place for him!
Do you have a name already?

I will call him Max, M-tje!

That's a great name for a dog!
But now we have work to do!
Why don't you get a paintbrush and paint the lower part of the wall grey!
I will paint and cut the stones!

Where's the paint????

A well deserved break!

The lower part of the wall is grey,
the upper part is plastered with tissues and painted cream-colored,
so now you can glue the stones in place, E-beertje! 
look M-tje...Max is helping!!!!

(when the wall was finished,
E-beertje didn't like the color..he wanted a blue wall!!
So I painted it blue...not the right blue according to E-beertje,
so another color blue was apllied!
It can be a difficult bear sometimes!
I'm glad he's also very sweet, otherwise...
The color is now lavenderblue,
but the photo doesn't show it very well!)

Well, little bear...do you like it?
the stones look great, you did a great job!!!

Thak you M-tje!
yes, I think I'm happy with it!
But what shall we do with the other wall?

I wanted to put a fence against it,
what do you think?
And I wanted to make a pergola for some flowers to grow onto!

Hmm, I don't like all that wood, it's too much!
Maybe a lower fence and plaster the wall above it?
Or painting the fence white???
What do you think E-beertje?

Maybe we should sleep over it.
Let's decide tomorrow!
Or maybe someone else has an idea???

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BiWuBär said...

Is it possible to borrow E-beertje and Max during the work on my witch tower? They sure know what to do... ;O)

Have a great week!