November 24, 2010

I started with the ground floor

(January 11, 2010)

What are you doing M-tje???
I'm making a stove for you, silly bear!

But I don't like cooking M-tje... and you know that!!!

Well, maybe Z-beertje likes to cook and you can put the kettle on for a nice pot of tea.....
you lazy bear!!!
I didn't buy a kettle for you with the intention that you will never use it!

But what is wrong with the stove behind me??

There's nothing wrong with that stove...
but it belongs to the witch Hortensia and I don't think she will like it if you steal her's!
She needs it to prepare her potions!
But the fireplace is for you, it is almost ready!
And I have to hurry with the stove,
because I heard there's a visitor coming to see you this week,
so it would be nice if you can make a pot of tea or hot chocolate!!!

A visitor??? But who??

I don't know E-beertje, but I did hear that your visitor likes a bit of warmth

To be continued.....

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Wat een luie beer, laat jou al het werk doen!!!

Visite, visite een huis vol visite????