November 27, 2010

Another visitor

(January 12, 2010)

E-beertje was busy putting the kettle on his new stove for an nice cup of tea
(yessss, making a cup of tea is the only cooking he's willing to do )
when he heard a noise behind him!
He turned around and saw a little owl dissapearing upstairs!
What's going on..E-beertje wondered.
He went upstairs and saw a beautiful little owl sitting on the railing.

In his claws he held an envelop and E-beertje gently took the envelop from him.
It was a letter from Hortensia the witch!
The letter said that Hortensia expected E-beertje immediately at her home
and she didn't like it when she had to wait!
Well..with a witch you better be careful,
so E-beertje walked right away to Hortensia's home and knocked on the door!

"Come on in, E-beertje" he heard a voice say...(ieeeeeee, how did she know it was him?)
A bit reluctant he went inside, where the witch was waiting for him.
Sooooo, you are the bear who has so many friends living with him?
I have heard a lot about you, little bear and I have to say,
from the stories I've heard, you seem a nice enough bear!!!
Maybe just a bit lazy, but well..everyone has his flaws, hehehehehe

"Euh, yes ma'am" E-beertje stuttered.... he was a bit scared being in the house of a real witch.
"Well E-beertje....I have another lonely soul here
and I'm sure you'll have a place for her also.
I don't want anymore creatures in my house,
I already have owls, snakes and cats and enough is enough!!! 
I heard there just moved a devil in your house,
so you won't object to this creature I think!
And from behind the witch came a sweet little bear
with little black horns and a black cape.
In  her arms she held a little babybear, also with horns and little black trousers.

"She's a single mother with a newborn baby
and she needs a warm place to stay and take care of her baby!
Do you think there's a place in your house for them?"
"Of course", said E-beertje, the bear with the big heart,
"there's always room for more friends in my house!"
And he took the little bear with her baby to his house
and while he put the kettle on to make a bottle of milk for the baby,
he asked the bear where she would like to stay in his house.

"Just let us stay here, wth the stove!", she said,
"it's warm here and peaceful and I will take care that the fire will keep burning.
We devilbears are good with fire, you know"

And just like that, the family of E-beertje was grown with 2 more friends!
And maybe it was the new stove, or maybe it was something else,
but the house of E-beertje now felt real warm and comfortable!!!

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Nella.
She made me something for E-beertje's house!
And today I received the little devilbear and her little baby!
What a lovely surprise from Nella!!!
But I'm afraid I'm having a bad influence on Nella
with all this devilish creatures she is knitting lately,
maybe she should knit some angels to get balanced again
Thank you Nella, you're a sweetie!!!

I couldn't think of a name for the bear and her baby,
but Nella came to the rescue......
the mother is called Luci and her baby's name is Ferri!

Close-up of the stove.


BiWuBär said...

E-beertje sure has a great heart... his house is turning into some asylum for lonely mothers. Who is going to bring anonther lonely mom and her baby to E-beertje next? The Easter Hare? The Tooth Fairy? LOL - it's never going to be boring with E-beertje, can't wait to see what will happen next.

Have a nice weekend!

miniacollection said...