November 24, 2010

E-beertje and Daimon

(January 5, 2010)

Z-beertje and E-beertje were having a nice cup of tea, when suddenly they heard a strange noise!!
sniff, sniff, sniff..
It sounded like someone was crying...very softly, downstairs, on the ground floor of E-beertje's house!
Z-beertje was a bit scared, so E-beertje went down alone and what did he see???

A little red devil, sitting on the stairs while crying.

"Hello", said E-beertje, "what are you doing in our house?"
A bit startled, the little devil turned around, he was holding a key in his hands. 
 "Euh...I'm Daimon and I saw this key in the lock of the door and I didn't know what to do, so I went inside and it is so cold outside and I lost Janus."
Then the little devil started to cry again and E-beertje felt his heart overflowing with compassion!
"Calm down and just tell me wat is wrong", said E-beertje to the sobbing devil.
"Well...Janus is my little cuddly friend and he always keeps me warm!
But now with all the snow outside,
Janus didn't like to be outside anymore and I saw him on your roof wobbling to your chimney!!!
And I don't know where Janus is and I'm soooo cold without him!!!"
"To the chimney you say??
I think I know where your Janus is, come with me's a lot warmer there!!!"
Z-beertje had heard the whole story through the stairwell,
so she wasn't afraid anymore for the stranger that so suddenly appeared in their house!

She rubbed Daimon's cold hands warm again and said,
"go stand near the will be warm in a sec!"
E-beertje also walked to the fireplace and looked into the fire.
And what did he see there, nice and comfy between the hot flames??
A little red laughing just had to be Janus!
"You come here, you little rascal", said E-beertje to Janus.
"There is someone here who lost you and misses you!"
Janus jumped from the flames into E-beertje's arms (whew, whew, hot, hot) and he gave him quickly to Daimon, who was so happy to see Janus again!

E-beertje looked at Z-beertje and she nodded,
so he told Daimon that he and Janus should stay with them,
at least until the temperature outside was a bit warmer then now!
Daimon and Janus were very happy with this offer and they all had a wonderful afternoon together!

Some time ago I asked Nella if she could knit a sweet little devil for me.
But I didn't have a clear image of how he should look like,
so it took a while before i contacted Nella again!
But two weeks ago I knew what I wanted and a week later my little devil was finished!
Today he arrived at my house, together with Janus, his little friend!
This is Janus..

 And these are the pictures of Daimon that Nella send me..

I can't help it...I'm in love again!!!!
Don't you just love his little tail!!!!

Thank you're amazing!!!

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BiWuBär said...

Who would have thought a devil good be so funny, gentle and kind? Nella did a great job, I admire everyone who can knit like that...