November 23, 2010

E-beertje's Christmas story

In the summer of 2009, I lost a very special and very dear friend.
Dealing with this loss, I wrote this story in december 2009.
He is still in my heart and I will miss him forever.

(December 24, 2009)

The night before Christmas, E-beertje was sitting by the fire, reading a new book he got from M-tje.
The book was called "How Edward the llittle mouse got new friends".
The story told about a little grey mouse who was living alone in his little house.
But one cold winter, there came a lot of friends living with him.
Edward and Muza (his mousegirlfriend) had just found a little bird in a snowball,
when suddenly the doorbell rang in E-beertje's house!

E-beertje went to the door and to his surprise....Santa was standing in front of him!
"Can I come in?" Santa asked!
"Of course" said E-beertje and he let Santa enter his house.
"I want to talk to you E-beertje" Santa said "I think you better sit down!"

"E-beertje, you are living here very comfortable in your warm and cosy house,
you have lots of you know how lucky you are?"
"Euhm..yes, Santa" said E-beertje a bit timid, because he felt there was more that Santa wanted to say to him.

"But you feel lonesome , little bear!
And I know you miss your dear friend R-beertje, don't you?"

"Yes Santa, that's true!" said E-beertje a bit sad.
And he thought about his dear friend who lived so far away from him.

"I do understand sweet happens to us all...
loved ones dissapearing from our lifes and that's very sad and difficult.
But you have made so many new friends and they soften your sadness and take away your loneliness!"
"You mean like Tink and LO-bear and Pearl?"
"Yes E-beertje, that's what I mean.
And you do know that R-beertje has found a nice home to live!"
"Yes, I know you are right Santa"
 "Then think about that E-beertje, when you're feeling lonely and sad again!
There are so many sweet friends around you!"

"But that's not all I wanted to say E-beertje!
I have a request for you.
On my travels around the world, bringing Christmas presents, I found on a very cold part of our world a sweet little bear.
She doesn't have a comfy home like you and she doesn't have any friends!
Do you think you could give her a place to live and be her friend?
I must tell you, she isn't coming alone, she has two cubs with her!"

Without even having to think about it,
E-beertje said from the deepest of his heart that she could come live with him.
And her 2 babies too!!!
Santa took him oustside and there in Santa's sleigh,
 E-beertje saw the sweetest bear he had ever seen and next to her were two cute little cubs.*

(*the 2 little bears aren't made by me but by Christa)

"I'm E-beertje", said E-beertje, "do you and your cubs want to live with me?"
"I'm Z-beertje", said Z-beertje, "and I would love to live with you!
Santa told me the sweetest stories about you!"

"Come, I will help you get out of the sleigh"

E-beertje helped Z-beertje and the little ones from the sleigh and took them inside his house.

The cubs were put in E-beertje's bed,
because they were so tired and cold from the long journey they made.

And Z-beertje sat down in E-beertje's chair, close to the fire.

E-beertje went outside to say goodbye to Santa, who was leaving.
"One more thing E-beertje", said Santa,
"I have here a present for you and if you want, you can open it when you're back inside!
Have a nice Christmas dear E-beertje....HOHOHO!!!"

And there he went....bringing love and presents to the rest of the world! 

 E-beertje went back inside and opened the present.
It was a framed picture of him and R-beertje and on it was written "hug from R-beertje".

E-beertje just knew this would be a wonderful Christmas, together with all his friends!
And the dear friends that couldn't be with him.....he would have them in his heart for always!!!


Unknown said...

So nice...*sniff*....if only ALL humans could be so nice

BiWuBär said...

What a wonderful story - you should write a child's book, really.


Margriet said...

Danke Birgit! Well..who knows what the future will bring!
The adventures of E-beertje already are a very small can probably read about it tomorrow ;-)

Heleni said...

Zo'n schattig verhaal Margriet...en wat zijn ze mooi...

groet Heleni

Unknown said...


miniacollection said...

A lovely and touching story!
The pictures are wonderful.

Gonda's miniature said...

Nog bedankt Margriet voor zoeken naar de naam voor de tol,ik gebruik tranlation en hoop dat het dan goed is.
Erg mooie foto's van E-beertje en kerst.

Ascension said...

Me ha encantado como cuentas la historia y las fotos son maravillosas, enhorabuena.
besitos ascension