November 20, 2010

Christmas presents for E-beertje

Last year, I did a halloweenswap with Freubs, a friend with the same beautiful hobby...miniatures!!!
I made her a Halloween bear. She called him S-beertje!

(December 19, 2009)

I found an envelop in the mailbox with NO stamps on it!!!
But I'm so glad it did arrive, because I wouldn't have wanted to miss this!!
The envelop came from Freubs and S-beertje!
In the envelop were many Christmas present for me, but also many presents for E-beertje!!!
One was a bit big, so E-beertje unwrapped that one on our diningroom table! (And when he was unwrapping his present, I put the others secretly in his house!  )

Is this really for me M-tje???

Yes E-beertje!

But it isn't Christmas...should I wait for Christmas before I open it?

Noooo, silly and I are not so good in waiting patiently...are we?
Just open it!

Oooooh, wat a beautiful tablecloth and place mats!!!

Yes, it is very beautiful...but go have a look in your house, there are a lot more presents!!!

Are these all for me???

M-tje....the presents are from S-beertje!

Shall I open this one first?

M-tje...just look....S-beertje has spoiled me!!!

In the box on the right was a very special gift!

a Christmas bauble especially made for E-beertje's first Christmas!
On one side it says "E-beertje's first Christmas"

Thank you Freubs and S-beertje, our Christmas can't get any better


BiWuBär said...

That is especially what friends are for - to brighten up your day! E-beertje received some wonderful gifts! Good to have close friends like S-beertje (does the "S" stand for spooky - or for super-cutie? LOL).


Margriet said...

I think it stands for Spooky, but he's a super-cutie...isn't he? ;-)

Ascension said...

Enhorabuena por esos regalitos, seguro que esta muy contento.
besitos ascension

Unknown said...

Felicidades. Todos los regalos están preciosos. Disfrutalos.
Besos Clara.