May 13, 2012

Update treehouse

We worked on my new house again!
Here I'm glueing the roof.
It looked like a big pizza

ooooooh, M-tje made a hole in the roof  
This way you have a better view of the inside, M-tje said!
Now we don't have to lift off the roof
everytime someone wants to look inside!

And look.....
the first dragon has arrived!
I think he was curious too about his new home!!!

M-tje made an extra floor in my house. 
That will be the perfect place for my bed!!!

M-tje promised that we will continue tomorrow!
So for now I will be thinking about
how to finish the in- and outside of the house!

Hugs and see you soon!!!


Fabiola said...

Great job.
Bye Faby

BiWuBär said...

This will become gorgeous... and you're working so fast! You're a great helper, E-beertje (and btw - we'd like to have a pizza now). Ah, and so much space for new dragons!!! ;O)

Flutterby + Birgit