May 15, 2012

Tree house - floor "bedroom"

Yesterday M-tje and I made the floor
for my sleeping space.....
It's a lot of work to cut and glue
all those pieces of wood

But it's ready and stained too!!
I think it will be very nice to sleep up there!

Hugs, E-beertje

When I was making this post for E-beertje,
I looked at the last picture again
and saw something....
Let's take a closer look!!!
I thought it was going to be E-beertje's house...
but who's that??
Let's see if we're going to see more of her!
See you soon,


Maria said...

Dat ziet er mooi uit, handig! je hebt er een tang voor zo te zien. Ik ben ook met ijsstokjes aan het stoeien voor mijn zolderverdieping van mijn woon-winkelhuis.

BiWuBär said...

NOT FAIR!!! Suspense is killing us now... *grumble* ;O)

Flutterby + Birgit

Ascension said...

Estas haciendo un trabajo fantastico, estoy deseando ver los avances.
besitos ascension