November 03, 2011

Update trunk

I haven't done much today,
because I do need M-tje when I'm building something....
even if it's only to lift up the heavy bottle of glue

But today M-tje had a visitor!
Wiena came to visit her, b
ecause she really wanted to see M-tje's miniatures with her own eyes
and not only on photos!

Wiena brought M-tje a present
and I may show you what it is!
Isn't it beautiful???

It makes me wonder about life!

But back to more earthly matters....
the trunk!!!!
I managed to make some more drawers and shelves!
It's looking prettier by the minute!!!

M-tje was a bit pissed by the way!
Look at her Market Cross...
The lovely woman is looking over the walls!!!
The proportions aren't very realistic!!!
And they forgot to make the windows!

it will come right in the end!

With love,


BiWuBär said...

Oooooops, no windows... must be the marketplace of Schilda. Do you know the silly tales of the citizens of Schilda in the Netherlands? Or do you only know the big classics *grin*? You look good with that skull wondering about the big questions in life. And that trunk is getting better and better...

Flutterby + Birgit

Gonda said...

Nou jij hebt daar een erg mooie koffer hoor, maak er iets moois van en de pop (dame) vindt ik zo prachtig.