November 02, 2011


Did you miss me???

I may not be around  very much in Blogland...
but here at home, I'm working my little butt off!!!

Did you think M-tje did all the work???
Oh nooooooo!!!
If it weren't for me....nothing would get done here!

M-tje bought a lot of kits last weekend on the fair.
So we have a whole lot of work to do!
At the moment we are working on a trunk!!!

M-tje....can you hand me that drawer??? fits!

Euh....and how long will I have to stand here M-tje???

See you tomorrow!!!


Maria Ireland said...

Lol i love the help you are getting ;). Looks like a cool kit.
Hugs Maria

BiWuBär said...

You know we missed you, it's good having you here again - and don't you dare to be so quiet for such a long time again! Good that your helping, hopefully someone will help you to get out of this deadend-situation... ;O)

Flutterby + Birgit

miniacollection said...

A lovely and funny story!

Karin said...

Ach beertje toch, wat laat Margriet jou hard werken!, neem je wel je verdiende rust af en toe?

Groetjes, Karin.