April 26, 2011

Nautical surprise

This afternoon M-tje brought me a package the mailman delivered!
But I wasn't expecting anything 

So I opened it quickly!!!
First this card came out....

It says "sweetie"

  And this was on the other side!
It says...
Dear E-beertje
Here is a gift for your beach cabin.
You have to promise me to use it only with M-tje nearby
and while you have your life-jacket on.
Big kiss, Sylvia

ooooh, it's from Sylvia!!!

There was also a package and this is what was in it!!!
A beautiful boat!!!!!

And do you see the name of the boat???
OMG...a oat with my name on it!!!

Sylvia, the boat is really wonderful!!!
Thank you so much!!!
At first I thought it was a bit sad for M-tje...
because she already had given me a boat
(you didn't know when you send this one!)
But M-tje said it was no big deal...
this one is so much nicer

And an other thing that is so great about this boat...
i can take at least 3 friends of mine with me!!!

Sylvia, I am so happy with it!!!

Just look how nice it looks next to my cabin!!!

And did you see the windows M-tje made for my cabin?
Aren't they great?

"she did forget the glass, E-beertje!!!"


Jollie said...

Ohhhh wauw wat een prachtig bootje heb je van Sylvia gekregen, met je naam en al erop! Wat een bofkont ben jij weer E-beertje :) Geniet er maar lekker van met je vriendjes samen!

Liefs Jollie
p.s. M-tj, ik ben erg benieuwd hoe je die ramen tochtvrij gaat maken met die stevige bries die soms aan het strand waait mag je wel oppassen dat E-beertje dadelijk geen kou vat ;)

Daydreamer said...

What a Wonderful gift from a Wonderful Friend! Lucky E-Beertje! The boat is Beautiful.... and such fun he will have with his friends! This Cabin is looking very sweet!

Gonda said...

Prachtig strandhuisje voor jouw E-beertje en nog een mooi bootje erbij, heerlijk!