March 27, 2011

Started with the 1:48th Yule Tide house

This morning I was up very early!
Yesterday, M-tje made the remark she was waiting for me
to start on the little Yule Tide house,
so I thought...
let's go to work!!!

You didn't know that I was this strong...did you?

I used a square corner made of lego-bricks
to make sure everything was glued straight!
I'm such a clever little bear


I think it looks very good...
a bit small,
but it could be a nice playhouse!!!

But then.....
M-tje came

She started yelling at me.....
why didn't I read the description...
I should have painted the pieces first....
is everything in the right place....

But after a while she calmed down
and we are friends again!!!
I explained that I can't read english,
but there were pictures and letters on the pieces
and I didn't glue everyting stuck yet
So it will be okay

1 comment:

Mincka said...

goed voorbeeld is goed volgen he? Zag bij Chris haar huis in wording...