February 16, 2011

A well deserved break

(November 4, 2010)


Yes sweet boy?

We worked hard today on the secret project....
didn't we??

Yes, we did E-beertje
and we made good progress!

Would you mind if I told something about the project?

Are you sure E-beertje?
It would be a shame if they would guess to soon!!!

You're right M-tje!
Let's keep it a secret!
But it's going to be very beautiful...don't you think?

It sure will, sweet boy
But we can show something else!!!
we did some work on the new house also!

We've hanged the hammock!
And it is wonderful to lie in!

The hammock was made by M-tje's mom a few years ago as a birthday present!
But M-tje never had a good place to hang it.
But now she does

And we've hanged something else M-tje!

Yeah....you wanted that really badly...didn't you? 
And do you know what I want now M-tje??

What's that E-beertje?

I wish you could be so small as me
and come and sit next to me!

sweet bear....that would be wonderful

1 comment:

Jollie said...

Leuk die hangmat en schommelbank!! :)
Zou leuk zijn als je ernaast kon gaan zitten ja! ;)

Liefs, Jollie