February 16, 2011

Renovation M-tje's house

(October 21, 2010)

Mondaynight I heared groaning and clutter on the stairs!
And listening to the stories I understood M-tje had a "new" house.
Yeah....M-tje didn't tell me....
I have the feeling she's forgetting about me lately...
she's not working on the cuddleroom either!

Any way.....I was a bit curious about the new house,
so I asked M-tje if I could see it
and luckily she said yes

The first thing I saw, was something I love!
M-tje look!!!!! A porch swing.....are you going to hang it???

Of course sweet boy..
not right now,but soon....

I love porch swings M-tje!!
But this one isn't working,
so let's go on!

Hey..I think this is left here by the former inhabitant!

That's right E-beertje!
I think she forgot to take it with her
or she didn't need it any more!

Hmm, the front door is not in it's place..
everyone can walk right in M-tje

I know!
But all the doors were glued stuck and that's not right!
I removed all doors and will replace them with working ones......
some day

Did you see the little fairy door???
I think we will leave that as it is!

oooooh, that's sweet!!
Do you think there lives a real fairy behind that door M-tje??
Oh, something else...
If I were you I would paint these bars white!!!

That's a good idea E-beertje,
I will put it on my "to do"-list!

Be careful sweet bear!!!

Yes yes, it's okay!!!
Hey, that's fun....a hammock!!!
Yes...this is a nice place for a hammock!

Do you want to go another floor up?

Quite difficult......with my little legs. 
The attic.....M-tje....I think there's another room behind this wall!!
I hear something walking there!

Ieeeeee, that's creepy!!
I will put it on the list!
making a doorway to the secret room...
and let's keep our fingers crossed there isn't anything spooky in there

M-tje...the roof needs fixing too!!!
The shingles are falling down!

Yes sweet boy, the glue has dried out.
I'm going to take everything off!
But now you have seen the whole house....
are you satisfied???

Yes M-tje, very satisfied!
And I'm very curious what you're going to do with the house!

Pffff...me too E-beertje...
but I think this will be a project for years!!

Bye for now!!
Hugs, E-beertje.

A dear friend of M-tje wanted to get rid of this house
and M-tje was the lucky one to get it!!!
She already loved this house for years and 
this was such a great opportunity!!
The outside colors will remain as they are now,
but the inside needs a lot of work!
But that's the fun of this hobby...isn't it?


BiWuBär said...

M-tje was lucky to get this beautiful house, even if there is a lot of work to be done... It offers many opportunities, but after seing it in total on the last pics we thought this has to be the mansion of a witch or wizard. Well, we'll see what Margriet is up to... and btw, we love that little fairy door.

Flutterby + Birgit

Unknown said...

Wauw, dat wordt nog een hele klus M-tje, maar dat is aan jou wel toevertrouwd!