February 17, 2011

Adventure in the attic

(November 10, 2010)

Yesterday we left E-beertje behind in the secret room of the M-house!
E-beeertje didn't notice that someone was crushed under the wall that he and I removed!
But on the photo you can see clearly someone is lying under it!!!

E-beertje is kind of a tough little guy,
so when I said..a bit scared.....
that there was someone lying under the wall,
he immediately walked to the piece of wall
and lifted it up!
Wow...he's a strong little bear

Pfff M-tje...I don't see anyone,
only a dress..looks like a witch's dress!!!

But there really was someone under there!!!!

Well..not anymore M-tje!
I think she has melted away...
you know...like wicked witches do.
Come, let's see what's in the chests!
Yuk...only shiny stuff.....nothing fun!!
I would have liked it much more
if there were pots of honey in there, M-tje

Maybe in the other chest!
Let's pull it more into the light M-tje! 
Ieeeeeeeeeeeeeee, there's something sticking out, E-beertje!!!

Silly girl, you don't have to shout!!!
Step aside...I will open the chest!

Hey...who are you???

I'm Leo and the wicked witch held me prisoner here for soooo long!
Where is the witch..is she gone?

I'm E-beertje and euh......
yes, she's not here anymore !
M-tje and I crushed her under a wall!

Thank you E-beertje...
now my butterfly and I are free again!!!
But we don't have a place to go to and we don't want to stay here!
Do you know of a place where we could stay?

Of course...I have plenty of room in my house!
Come and live with your butterfly in my house...
such a tough lionbear is always nice to have around

Oooooh, thank you sweet E-beertje!!!
I will give you a big lionhug to thank you!!
Don't squeeze me too hard Leo...
I'm just a little bear!!!

Hugs, E-beertje, Leo and M-tje

.....the lionbear wasn't made by me,
I inherited him from my friend Marmod,
he came with the house...as you could read/see

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BiWuBär said...

That's the kind of heir we all like! Wow, E-beertje, you're really a brave and strong bear. But where did the witch go? Vanished forever or waiting to return and to take revenge... suspense, suspense - and so much fun... ;O)

Flutterby + Birgit