January 18, 2011

My first birthday

Almost 10 months ago, I celebrated my first birthday!
We had a big party and did a give-away...
it was just wonderful!!!!
Maybe this year, on my second birthday we can make it a wonderful day again!
I hope in 2 months I will have 100 followers so we can do a give-away again,
but I have to talk to M-tje about that ;-)
But now I will tell you about me first birthday!

(March 21, 2010)

I couldn't sleep from al the tension,
so this morning I was awake very early
But then I saw my first surprise!!!
My bedroom was decorated with a nice garland!
And at the end of my bed, I saw a big pile of presents!
Luckily soon my housefriends came to congratulate me
and M-tje, André, Jasper and Jasmijn were there too!

And then.......I could open my presents!!! 
First the present from Jasmijn!
She put a beautiful blue paper around it with a little blue stone!

Jasmijn made me a wonderful photo frame!
I will hang it in my hobbyroom!
Thank you so much Jasmijn

Then the present from Jasper!
He made the orange box himself! 

In it was a beautiful bal!
I didn't have one, so I'm very happy with it!
I can play with it in my garden!
Thank you Jasper
M-tje has the sweetest kids

From my other friends I got... 
a pot with honey!

And a bear puzzle!

And Z-beertje had a very special gift for me! 
It was in a big box and I heared strange noises!
So I opened the box very carefully
and look what was in it!!!!

A real beehive..with real bees!!!!!
Luckily the bees didn't sting..
I think they are a very sweet hive!
So sweet of Z-beertje, this way we will always have honey!
Thank you Z-beertje...you're the sweetest!

Yesterday there came a envelop for me, but M-tje didn't let me open it!
But today I could!!!!In it was a little goldfish in a bowl!
Given to me by Anita.Thank you Anita, so sweet!!
I will call the fish Cleo.

When I came down, on the table was a birthdaycake, made by M-tje!
Oooooh, so beautiful, a blue cake with daisies and bees!
Blue is my favorite color...did you guess already???
Of course I did a wish...but I wont tell you, I want it to come true

When everyone was enjoying the cake,
M-tje asked me to come with her to my hobbyroom!
I took the beehive with me to put in the garden.
The little bees could go and hunt for flowers immediately.
But what a wonderful surprise...my garden was decorated too!!! 

And when I looked in my hobbyroom, I saw the beautiful gift M-tje made for me!
 She made me new furniture!
A big table for my laptop and for crafting!
And a beautiful dresser for all my materials.
M-tje made the lamp also! I love the colors!
Thank you M-tje...you're sweet
Wow, the day has just started and it is already a wonderful birthday!!!
But now I'm going to eat cake

Hugs, E-beertje


BiWuBär said...

So many lovely presents... but you deserved them, for sure!

Flutterby + Birgit

TINK - SONIA said...

I enjoyed the party so much! I adore the gifts! Miiregards.