January 18, 2011

More celebrating!

(March 21, 2010)

Just a short message, because there's a big party going on in my house
and I want to go back quick!!! 

This afternoon, M-tje and her family went to the forest for a walk!
Z-beertje insisted I would go with them
and because I love forestwalks, I did!

First a short ride with the car!

I climbed another tree!!!
This one was huuuuuuuuuuuuuge!!!!!!

We saw millions of ladybugs!
I think they are awakening from their hibernation!
Aren't they pretty??

Pfff, we walked and walked and then my feet were soooo tired!
On a bench we ate some bears...
noooooo, no real bears, tss, I'm no cannibal!
They were gummybears
The rest of the walk M-tje carried me.
I even slept for a while in her hand.
But when we got home, I was quite awake!!!
Because Z-beertje organized a surprise party for me!
There were soooooo many visitors!!! 
What a great surprise..everyone was there...
well, I think they are, I haven't even spoken to everyone yet

Do you like the lamp M-tje gave me?
I'm writing this in my hobbyroom,
but I'm leaving you now, because I want to join the party again!
I think it will last some time

The sleeping bears have gone upstairs, they were already tired
 Thank you all for a wonderful birthday!!!


Ascension said...

Que bonita fiesta te han montado, no cabe ni una aguja.
Que cantidad de amigos han ido a celebrarlo contigo, disfruta tu fiesta.
besitos ascension

Jollie said...

Ha ha wat gaaf!
Gefeliciteerd E-Beertje! :)

Liefs, Jollie