December 05, 2010

E-beertje makes presents

(January 29, 2010)


Yes, E-beertje???

Don't they want you to craft anymore?

I guess, E-beertje! They are a bit worried about me
(my back is hurting very much, I can't sit, stand or lie!) you think I can make something?
Can you get the materials for me?

Of course, sweet bear!
What do you want to make?

A present for J-tje!!!

That's sweet! May I ask why you want to make a present for J-tje?

Well...she's always working so hard for the Kladblog and to be honest....
I was a bit afraid she would throw all my stories away from the Kladblog
and I'm so grateful she didn't,
so as a little thank you gift, I want to make her something nice!
For in her new miniature scene!

Just tell me what you need, sweet boy!

Tiny red and black beads and thin wire!!!

I'm very curious E-beertje!!!

Me too M-tje, I hope I can make it work!!!

Do you think J-tje would let me become
a real member of the Kladblog??

(20 minutes later......)

Do you think she will like it??

Yes, I do think so!
Shall we write a card together?
I have some wooden lady bugs that I wanted to sent her, we can send it all together!

Allright M-tje...but can I make another one?

Of course you can...are they so much fun to make?

It is really fun to do and I want to make one for you, because I like you very much too!!!

Thank you sweet bear..I like you very much too!!!

If there are more people/bears who want to make these...
here you can find the tutorial! (it is in Dutch!)

With love, M-tje and E-beertje


Some time later....



I made a little bee for Spinnie,
(a little Nella-doll, she runs the Kladblog together with J-tje)
But I want to make someting else!
Do you have white beads??

Of course, I will get them for you!!!

I've made Spinnie my favorite lady bug!!!
I hope she will like it!
Can we put the little bee in my house???

Of course sweet bear, we'll do that later!
Let's get a nice card for J-tje and Spinnie 
and tomorrow we will post this lady bug invasion!!!

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