December 05, 2010

E-beertje makes daisies

(January 30, 2010)



Are you allright??'s not too bad E-beertje.

I have something for you to cheer you up, M-tje

What is it, sweet boy?

Flowers M-tje..I made them myself!

ooooh, that's soooo sweet of you little bear, thank you!!!!
They are just wonderful! 1:24 daisies!!!
(my name is Margriet...Dutch for daisies)
i will look for a vase to put them in!
Shall we put them in  your house E-beertje?
That way we all can enjoy them!

This is a nice place for them,  M-tje!

They look wonderful there!
Dear E-beertje, you make me happy...every time again, thank you!


Ascension said...

Que preciosas margaritas.
Quedan genial en ese jarron.
besitos ascension

BiWuBär said...

E-beertje was a little bit selfish during the process of you making his furniture, but now he's back to his gentle and kind personality. A real gentlebear... ;O)


Minnie Kitchen said...

awww~~ i love this place!

miniacollection said...

I love your daisies.

Unknown said...

Un buen trabajo. Los petalos tan finos seran dificiles. Me encanta este ramo.
Besos Clara