December 10, 2010

E-beertje is looking for space!


Yes, E-beertje? What's wrong?

I have a problem M-tje!

Oh, sweet boy, what is it?

Well.......It is really very cozy in my house,
together with all my friends,
but euh...I hardly dare to say it M-tje....
sometimes it is just so crowded!!!
I never can find a place to be on my own
and now and then I really need  a quiet place..just for me!
A place where I can sit with my laptop and craft!!
Just a small space, only for me M-tje!!

Oh, little bear, I do understand you!!
I have the same feeling sometimes!
But what can we do about it...
did you think about it already?
Yes, I have!!!
Do you have or can you make a little room for me,
where I can put my laptop and my crafting materials?
Just like Spinnie..she has her own office, I want that too!!!
Well..let's go to my room upstairs,
I have there a few unoccupied rooms/houses that might be suitable.
But the first one is right here...
what about the basement beneath your house?
It is close to my house...but you always put your junk here!
I don't want to sit between your junk....any other ideas??

Let's go upstairs!
What about a winecrate?
Do you see those cracks????
I could be blown out of this if there's a draft!!!

 What about a second house?
Nooooo, that's too much space!!!

What about this corner?
It has 2 floors!'s nice, but I don't want to fly from one floor to another!

What about this room?

nah...don't like being behind glass!!!
And it is too high!

This empty lantern?

Nah...not really what I was looking for

I'm afraid I've run out of possibilities....
maybe I should make you a room then...
but that will take a while sweet boy!
Or.....what's that......standing on that gardenscene???

Can this be what you're looking for??? 
Look M-tje!!!
This can be a garden!!!
And it has a window!

But it is a bit pink on the inside, sweet boy!'s very pink, but maybe we can fix that!
I think we can make something nice of this room M-tje!!!
please....can I have it???
Hey...a kitten!!!! 
M-tje, can I keep her???

Well sweet boy, if you like this room so much you can have it!
Your own space..when you need some quiet
But I don't have time to start working on it,
so you have to have some patience!
And the kitten....
you may keep her if you promise to take care of her yourself!

Thank you M-tje!
And I wil take good care of the kitten, I promise M-tje!!!
Would you mind if I take a look around to find some stuff to go in my new room?
Maybe I can start myself with some renovation work!

Of course little bear...go and look for some nice things!

Hey...what are those wooden planks doing on the floor?

Well...if I remove the carpet and lay a wooden floor instead...
that's so much easier with crafting!!
The walls are not so bad...I kind of like the color!
I borrowed the table and my stool looks so much better here then in my house!
And now I can already work with the laptop!

I'm very curious what you're going to do with your new room E-beertje!!!
We shall see

(I was so happy when E-beertje asked for some more space!!! Now that his house is almost ready, I became a bit anxious that I couldn't make anymore miniatures for my favorite bear!!
But now I can go on with making 1:24 miniatures and telling my stories about E-beertje )

Minihugs, M-tje


Minnie Kitchen said...

love all the pics!! so cute!

BiWuBär said...

Lovely story as always - and a wonderful solution to E-beertjes problem. Let's wait and see how the room will be renovated and decorated...


miniacollection said...

I love the story.