December 15, 2010

E-beertje is DIYing

(February 7, 2010)

M-tje, can you give me a hand???

Of course sweet boy, what do you want me to do?

Well...I found this stack of planks upstairs.
Do you think it is enough for my floor?

Pfff, I really don't know E-beertje, you have to calculate it!
Get the ruler, some paper and a pencil and work it out!

The planks are 5 mm wide and the room is 15 cm.....mumble, mumble, mumble

If I don't make a mistake with the saw,
it should be enough M-tje!

I have to measure very precisely. do you like the new floor???

Wow, E-beertje.....that's really compliments!!!

mmmhmmh mmhmmhmhmh, mmgfmg, mmgmgmgmgf???

Huh??? What are you saying???

I found this grass....can I use it for my garden???

Of course sweet boy!

Mmm, that's soooo soft!

When I put the grass in, all these lady bugs came to my garden!!
Ssssssh...let me listen to them...
Oh, they're saying they are send to me by a lady from Belgium!
That has to be J-tje!!!!
So sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can they stay M-tje?
They want to live in my garden!

Yes, sweet bear, let them stay, they will keep the not so nice bugs out.
That's so sweet of J-tje, to send them to you!
It does look cozy already...don't you think?

Yessss, very nice!
But you can take all the furniture out again silly bear!

Why M-tje???

Because you still have to sand and stain the floor!
That way it will become even more beautiful!
I'm sorry sweet boy, but you aren't ready yet with your work

Darn M-tje....but not today...I'm sooooo tired!
I will do that some other time.
But now I'm going to take a nap!

Minihugs, M-tje and E-beertje


BiWuBär said...

Thank you two for giving us a good laugh - this story was (as usual) so lovely and the pictures so funny. E-beertje is a real handyman, eh, -bear... ;O)

Flutterby and Birgit

Margriet said...

danke Flutterby und Birgit!!!
There are a lot more stories waiting to be told! ;-)

Gonda said...

Uitgeput, goed werk E- beertje.
Ik zie beertje je hebt al aardig wat fans, ga zo door.
Heb het eerder gezien maar toch erg leuk hoor.

Margriet said...

over niet al te lange tijd hoop ik bij te zijn met de verhaaltjes Gonda ;-)