December 02, 2010

The chairs are finished!!!

(January 24, 2010)

E-beertje, your chairs are ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!

Hmm, the armrests are nice and firm.

The back is nicely finished

Z-beertje....can you come and take a look?

Do you sit comfortable... is the chair not too you still like the color..
do you want them or would you rather want them with red fabric???

No E-beertje, they are perfect, go and say thank you to M-tje,
because she made beautiful chairs and a sofa for us!

Lyts tútsje (Frisian for little kiss) for you M-tje

Thank you dear bear

Come on Z-beertje..let's carry them home!

Silly bear....just sit down..I will carry you



We still need a table



BiWuBär said...

Funny as always - "We still need a table" (ROFL). And your chairs are very well done.


Unknown said...

Están muy cómodos en estos nuevos sillones.
Me encanta la tela que has elegido. El salón cada día más acogedor.
Besos Clara

miniacollection said...

Great work! I love the text.