November 13, 2010

E-beertje goes to the Christmas Fair

(December 13, 2009)

"I want beautiful Christmastree-ornaments and I want many!!!!!",
said E-beertje when I gave him the Christmas tree!
He's a very demanding bear
"Why don't you go to the Christmas Fair", I said
"and just see what beautiful things you can find!"
And so he did! 

Ooooooh, they have so many things,
but do they have a little step for me, so I can see everything???
 Yes...this way I can see everything  
Uhm...I want that little angel and a box of Christmas baubles and..and..and...!
Do you have little bears to hang in the tree?
Mmm, I want one of those gingerbreadmen!
Oh, one of them fell on the ground,
oh well, the dog will eat that one

Let's see, what else is there to do on this fair............
ooooooooh, Santa Claus!!!!
Santa.... is my name on your list with sweet little bears???
Yes E-beertje, it is, but your wishlist is a bit long, don't you think???

May I give you a hug, Santa???
Of course sweet boy
What can I do next??? 
ooooh, a giant nativity scene...........I wonder how it feels to lay in the manger???

No, not really comfortable.......I rather be in my own warm bed
Just a few last purchases and then off to my house....decorating my tree!!!

Wow, so many things!!!
I want this Christmas hat and the stocking and..and...and...and.... they have any glühwein here???

Oh dear, E-beertje takes off with the sleigh and a bottle of glühwein, I hope he will be alright!!!

An hour later, I found him with the little angels, he was enjoying himself very much with pole dancing

You come with me E-beertje, I will bring you home!!
Decorating your tree will have to wait until tomorrow
Minihugs, M-tje en E-beertje


Eva said...

Lovely post :)
And beautiful scenes too!. You make me smile :)

miniacollection said...

What a lot of beautiful things.

Hanny said...

Cute! Have a nice Christmas E-beertje and M-tje!

Gonda's miniature said...

Kerst is altijd zo mooi om te zien, ziet er allemaal gezellig uit, het kersthuisje vindt ik ook erg mooi en de zwanen arreslee...grappig idee.