November 12, 2010

E-beertje's first Christmas tree

(december 13, 2009)
Yesterday I bought a Christmas tree for E-beertje.
He went searching for ornaments to put in the tree, but he isn't satisfied, so....... be continued!

Noooooooooooooooo, I don't want to go on top of the tree E-beertje!!!!


Ascension said...

Me parece que ha elegido un adorno demasiado grande jejejeje
Que escenita mas simpatica, me encanta.
besitos ascension

BiWuBär said...

Ohhhh, big drama!!! But now I know that this took place about one year ago, so I'm sure everything turned out roses... let's see how the tree will look like next time... ;O)

Have a nice weekend