September 12, 2010

E-beertje 's adventures

(March 28, 2009)

Maybe, just maybe...I never grew up ;-)
And actually I like it that way!!!
But sometimes, even I begin to doubt myself!
I have here a little bear sitting before me and now and them I just can't help myself and I start playing with him...just look and read!

A while ago, E-beertje was reading with me when I was chatting to some friends on Kladblog.
We had a lot of fun, but the little bear was so tired after a while!
Maybe the pina-colada he drank was one of the reasons, I'm not quite sure.

But luckily, I had just the place for him. The wizards who live in my tudor house hadn't arrived yet, so I put E-beertje in their bed! He could take a nap safely there...or so I thought!

But I should have known!!! In a wizard's home, there are lots of things that are very dangerous for a little sweet bear!!! Thank God I was just in time and took the poisonous mushroom from his paws!
But did I really get there in time...

O noooooooooo....
That's too dangerous E-beertje!
(He fell off for at least 10 times!)

I have to be much more careful with this bear, because this is what big Edward mailed me!
"aaaah, that's why I felt so strange in my tummy tonight!
What are you doing with little E.?
It's becoming almost a comicbook hahahaha"

And I don't want anything bad to happen to big Edward of course!
E-beertje almost looks like a voodoo-doll.

But I don't think both E.'s will object to you???
With love,


sylvia said...

Hoi Margriet,

Wat leuk om E-beertje zijn avonturen hier ook te zien!
Groetjes Sylvia

Margriet said...

Hey Sylvia :-) het leek me wel leuk om zijn verhalen ook in het engels te alleen nog even bedenken hoe ik hem wat meer bekendheid kan geven LOL

Caterina Giglio said...

adorable blog! your little bear is darling!!