September 22, 2010

A bed for E-beertje

(March 30, 2009)

I couldn't let E-beertje stay forever in the wizard's house...too dangerous for such a sweet bear ;-)
So I made him a 1/24th bed to sleep in.
A little friend of E-beertje is standing next to it.

The fabric was in my stash for years...I never knew what to do with it, but now it was just what I needed!!!

But where could I put this little bed...there had to come a house LOL
Surprise, surprise.....I had a 1/24th house in my stash!!!
Just the right size for E-beertje!
I already started on the house, but I never quite liked my idea's for it.
But making it a home for E-beertje was just the thing to make me enthousiastic again!
I liked the colors of the house, so the outside could stay as it was!
All the furniture in it was removed...for E-beertje only the best is good enough ;-)

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