August 22, 2014


JA!!! YES!!!

Eindelijk kon ik M-tje weer overhalen om samen iets te maken :-)
Finally I could persuade M-tje to make somehting together again :-)

We hebben een 1:24 kinderwagentje gemaakt voor Hugo.
We made a half scale pram for Hugo.

Verwacht hij soms een kleintje???
Is he expecting a little one??

Liefs/Hugs, E-beertje


Angélique said...

O, super schattig! Prachtig gemaakt!

Daydreamer said...

Oh My! It is so cute and so tiny and so well made!!! Is Hugo expecting a little one????

Unknown said...

hheee e-beertje,zo leuk om weer eens wat van je te horen!!!een kleintje erbij zou leuk zijn toch

BiWuBär said...

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! You're back!!! Ah, we missed you so much - so we're happy and glad to have you back, dear buddy! Your teamwork with M-tje lead to another fantastic result, that tiny pram looks stunning. We're only wondering now... is Hugo expecting himself... eh... herself? Or has he met the mousewife of his dreams via internet search? So many questions... ;O)

Flutterby + Birgit

trompke said...

Een kleintje?????? Goh... echt waar?

Pippibär said...

Such a cute and detailed work! M-tje and you are a real good team! I hope to see soon more from you... and now I am really nieuwsgierig who is getting a baby... Hugo? *think about* I´m not sure...
Don´t let us wait to long for the answer!
Hugs Melli