May 21, 2012

Update treehouse

Today, M-tje stained the floor and some other pieces of wood!
I enjoyed the sun
Later on I went to the house to see how the floor looked
and the witch Dalia was there too!

Dalia took some dragons with her 
I don't have to expect to find peace and quiet here!!!
But the floor looks great and Dalia thought so too,
because she said I deserved a reward for my hard work!
I was going to have my first magical experience
Dalia took me with her beneath the house... 
There she gave me a little green ball!
She said I had to throw it on the ground
and think very hard about green grass
Well...I promised to listen to her,
so I did exactly what she said... 

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...suddenly we were standing on a nice green carpet
(I wish I had thought about red grass...that would have been funny )
Doesn't the house look great already???

There's a dragon on top of the house!
He isn't real.
M-tje and I bought him 2 years agon in Blois, France!!!
Maybe we will turn him into a weather vane  

And the dragonhead by Nicky found its place above the door!

A bird's view of the floor.... 

And now I'm going to enoy my hard work in peace and quiet... 
Yesssss, I like magic

Hugs, E-beertje


BiWuBär said...

If you're lucky your next witchy lesson will be "How to I jinx a garden chair" (LOL). That floor was worth all the effort M-tje and you put in it - it's gorgeous!!! And you won't be surprised when we say we like all those dragons... ;O)

Flutterby + Birgit who both think a strawberryred lawn would have been a nice idea...

Fabiola said...

I like! It's fantastic!
Bye Faby