May 07, 2012


Hi there.......did you miss me??

I found a new goal in my life...
I'm going to be a witch!!!!

After a long conversation with the wise wizard Maledictus...
...I was sure!
I need some magic in my life

Maledictus used magic to give me a broom and a hat
(every witch needs a hat)
 and there I went...
...looking for a suitable house!
My first house and the beach cabin aren't really suited
for brewing magical potions

I knew M-tje had a kit stashed somewhere.
She was somewhat dissapointed with this kit,
because it wasn't 12th scale as it said on the box.
It was much to small!!!
But for a small bear like me it was perfect!!! 

After some planning and drawing some ideas,
I called M-tje
and when she saw what I was planning to do with the house,
she even got a bit enthusiastic.

So we started building... 
First the pillars were glued in the holes.

Look M-tje....I can climb!!!

But maybe the ladder is easier... 
I don't like this hole here...
I think I want a stair on the outside M-tje!!!

They forgot to put the windows in.
But M-tje is a very good with a saw.... 
Windows and a door!!!!'s a bit high M-tje

That's better! already closed the hole in the floor... 

Be careful E-beertje...
I'm not sure the glue is dry  

To be continued...


Unknown said...

een nieuw huisje e beertje?
wat spannend!!
maar ik vind je zo leuk in je berenhuisje eigenlijk
en pas je wel op met toverdrankjes!!!

groetjes anita

BiWuBär said...

The answer is: YESSSSSS - we missed you!!! And we're glad you're back - and with the decision to become a witch with a magical house! Wow! What an exciting project. We're convinced with your help this will make progress very fast. And not to forget, it was nice to see Maledictus again. The de Spell's were very happy to see him... ;O)

Flutterby and Birgit - and Magica, Mysteria and Magicus de Spell

Jollie said...

Je bent een super coole beer!! ;-)
Het huis is perfect voor jouw plannen!
Veel plezier ermee.

Liefs Dimphy en Jollie

Fabiola said...

I like this project. I'm curious to see the progresses.
Bye Faby